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All reports by Author Tomasz Kazana :

TR14-129 | 10th October 2014
Divesh Aggarwal, Stefan Dziembowski, Tomasz Kazana , Maciej Obremski

Leakage-resilient non-malleable codes

Revisions: 1

A recent trend in cryptography is to construct cryptosystems that are secure against physical attacks. Such attacks are usually divided into two classes: the \emph{leakage} attacks in which the adversary obtains some information about the internal state of the machine, and the \emph{tampering} attacks where the adversary can modify this ... more >>>

TR14-128 | 10th October 2014
Divesh Aggarwal, Yevgeniy Dodis, Tomasz Kazana , Maciej Obremski

Non-malleable Reductions and Applications

Revisions: 3

Non-malleable codes, introduced by Dziembowski, Pietrzak and Wichs~\cite{DPW10}, provide a useful message integrity guarantee in situations where traditional error-correction (and even error-detection) is impossible; for example, when the attacker can completely overwrite the encoded message. Informally, a code is non-malleable if the message contained in a modified codeword is either ... more >>>

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