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All reports by Author Harm Derksen:

TR22-132 | 18th September 2022
Harm Derksen, Emanuele Viola

Fooling polynomials using invariant theory

We revisit the problem of constructing explicit pseudorandom generators
that fool with error $\epsilon$ degree-$d$ polynomials in $n$ variables
over the field $F_q$, in the case of large $q$. Previous constructions
either have seed length at least $2^{d}\log q$, and thus are only non-trivial
when the degree is less than ... more >>>

TR22-091 | 2nd July 2022
Harm Derksen, Emanuele Viola

Quasirandom groups enjoy interleaved mixing

Let $G$ be a group such that any non-trivial representation has dimension
at least $d$. Let $X=(X_{1},X_{2},\ldots,X_{t})$ and $Y=(Y_{1},Y_{2},\ldots,Y_{t})$
be distributions over $G^{t}$. Suppose that $X$ is independent from
$Y$. We show that for any $g\in G$ we have
\left|\mathbb{P}[X_{1}Y_{1}X_{2}Y_{2}\cdots X_{t}Y_{t}=g]-1/|G|\right|\le\frac{|G|^{2t-1}}{d^{t-1}}\sqrt{\mathbb{E}_{h\in G^{t}}X(h)^{2}}\sqrt{\mathbb{E}_{h\in G^{t}}Y(h)^{2}}.
Our results generalize, improve, and ... more >>>

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