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Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity

Under the auspices of the Computational Complexity Foundation (CCF)

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E. Allender:
Complexity Theory Lecture Notes
Availability: D. Breslauer and D.P. Dubhashi:
Combinatorics for Computer Scientists
Availability: D.P. Dubhashi:
Complexity of Logical Theories
Availability: O. Goldreich:
Lecture Notes on Encryption, Signatures and Cryptographic Protocols (1989)
Availability: O. Goldreich:
Introduction to Complexity Theory
Availability: J. Hastad:
Complexity Theory
Availability: S. Jukna:
Combinatorial Methods in Complexity Theory
Availability: Additional topics for the book Extremal Combinatorics With Applications in Computer Science

M. Karpinski:
Lectures on Randomized Approximation Algorithms
Availability: S. Khuller:
Advanced Algorithms
  • via Web at University Maryland (PostScript 0.5 Mb)
L. Levin:
Fundamentals of Computing
  • via Web. Notes for the course taught in the Fall of 1986 at UC Berkeley.
L. Lovasz:
Computation Complexity
Availability: M. Luby and A. Wigderson:
Pairwise Independence and Derandomization
  • via Web at ICSI Berkley. Approximately 60 pages.
J. Spencer:
Random Graphs
  • via Web . A series of nine lectures given at the IMA Summer Graduate Student School held at Ohio State University, August 1993
M. Tompa:
Probabilistic Algorithms and Pseudorandom Generators
Availability: A. Wigderson:
Lectures on the Fusion Method and Derandomization
Availability: H. Wilf:
Identities and their Computer Proofs
  • via Web , or
  • via ftp as the file "pub/wilf/lecnotes.ps.Z" at the anonymous ftp site "ftp.cis.upenn.edu"; a compressed PostScript file (207 Kb). See the file "pub/wilf/readme.doc", at the same site, for more information.
U. Zwick:
Boolean Circuit Complexity

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