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All reports by Author Per Austrin:

TR08-009 | 7th December 2007
Per Austrin, Elchanan Mossel

Approximation Resistant Predicates From Pairwise Independence

We study the approximability of predicates on $k$ variables from a
domain $[q]$, and give a new sufficient condition for such predicates
to be approximation resistant under the Unique Games Conjecture.
Specifically, we show that a predicate $P$ is approximation resistant
if there exists a balanced pairwise independent distribution over
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TR06-088 | 9th July 2006
Per Austrin

Balanced Max 2-Sat might not be the hardest

We show that, assuming the Unique Games Conjecture, it is NP-hard to approximate Max 2-Sat within $\alpha_{LLZ}^{-}+\epsilon$, where $0.9401 < \alpha_{LLZ}^{-} < 0.9402$ is the believed approximation ratio of the algorithm of Lewin, Livnat and Zwick.

This result is surprising considering the fact that balanced instances of Max 2-Sat, i.e. ... more >>>

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