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All reports by Author Arist Kojevnikov:

TR07-010 | 4th January 2007
Arist Kojevnikov

Improved Lower Bounds for Resolution over Linear Inequalities

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We continue a study initiated by Krajicek of
a Resolution-like proof system working with clauses of linear
inequalities, R(CP). For all proof systems of this kind
Krajicek proved an exponential lower bound that depends
on the maximal absolute value of coefficients in the given proof and
the maximal clause width.

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TR03-012 | 21st January 2003
Edward Hirsch, Arist Kojevnikov

Several notes on the power of Gomory-Chvatal cuts

We prove that the Cutting Plane proof system based on
Gomory-Chvatal cuts polynomially simulates the
lift-and-project system with integer coefficients
written in unary. The restriction on coefficients can be
omitted when using Krajicek's cut-free Gentzen-style extension
of both systems. We also prove that Tseitin tautologies
have short proofs in ... more >>>

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