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All reports by Author Maria Lopez-Valdes:

TR06-077 | 12th June 2006
Maria Lopez-Valdes

Lempel-Ziv Dimension for Lempel-Ziv Compression

This paper describes the Lempel-Ziv dimension (Hausdorff like
dimension inspired in the LZ78 parsing), its fundamental properties
and relation with Hausdorff dimension.

It is shown that in the case of individual infinite sequences, the
Lempel-Ziv dimension matches with the asymptotical Lempel-Ziv
compression ratio.

This fact is used to describe results ... more >>>

TR06-047 | 11th February 2006
Maria Lopez-Valdes

Scaled Dimension of Individual Strings

We define a new discrete version of scaled dimension and we find
connections between the scaled dimension of a string and its Kolmogorov
complexity and predictability. We give a new characterization
of constructive scaled dimension by Kolmogorov complexity, and prove
a new result about scaled dimension and prediction.

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TR04-104 | 19th November 2004
Maria Lopez-Valdes, Mayordomo Elvira

Dimension is compression

Effective fractal dimension was defined by Lutz (2003) in order to quantitatively analyze the structure of complexity classes.
Interesting connections of effective dimension with information theory were also found, in fact the cases of polynomial-space and constructive dimension can be precisely characterized in terms of Kolmogorov complexity, while analogous ... more >>>

TR04-029 | 7th April 2004
John Hitchcock, Maria Lopez-Valdes, Elvira Mayordomo

Scaled dimension and the Kolmogorov complexity of Turing hard sets

Scaled dimension has been introduced by Hitchcock et al (2003) in order to quantitatively distinguish among classes such as SIZE(2^{a n}) and SIZE(2^{n^{a}}) that have trivial dimension and measure in ESPACE.

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