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All reports by Author Oded Schwartz:

TR06-119 | 13th September 2006
Noga Alon, Oded Schwartz, Asaf Shapira

An Elementary Construction of Constant-Degree Expanders

We describe a short and easy to analyze construction of
constant-degree expanders. The construction relies on the
replacement-product, which we analyze using an elementary
combinatorial argument. The construction applies the replacement
product (only twice!) to turn the Cayley expanders of \cite{AR},
whose degree is polylog n, into constant degree

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TR03-020 | 27th March 2003
Elad Hazan, Shmuel Safra, Oded Schwartz

On the Hardness of Approximating k-Dimensional Matching

We study bounded degree graph problems, mainly the problem of
k-Dimensional Matching \emph{(k-DM)}, namely, the problem of
finding a maximal matching in a k-partite k-uniform balanced
hyper-graph. We prove that k-DM cannot be efficiently approximated
to within a factor of $ O(\frac{k}{ \ln k}) $ unless $P = NP$.
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