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All reports by Author Eran Ofek:

TR06-043 | 22nd March 2006
Eran Ofek, Uriel Feige

Random 3CNF formulas elude the Lovasz theta function

Let $\phi$ be a 3CNF formula with n variables and m clauses. A
simple nonconstructive argument shows that when m is
sufficiently large compared to n, most 3CNF formulas are not
satisfiable. It is an open question whether there is an efficient
refutation algorithm that for most such formulas proves ... more >>>

TR05-112 | 12th September 2005
Eran Ofek

On the expansion of the giant component in percolated $(n,d,\lambda)$ graphs

Revisions: 1

Let $d \geq d_0$ be a sufficiently large constant. A $(n,d,c
\sqrt{d})$ graph $G$ is a $d$ regular graph over $n$ vertices whose
second largest eigenvalue (in absolute value) is at most $c
\sqrt{d}$. For any $0 < p < 1, ~G_p$ is the graph induced by
retaining each edge ... more >>>

TR05-050 | 18th April 2005
Uriel Feige, Eran Ofek

Finding a Maximum Independent Set in a Sparse Random Graph

Revisions: 1

We consider the problem of finding a maximum independent set in a
random graph. The random graph $G$ is modelled as follows. Every
edge is included independently with probability $\frac{d}{n}$, where
$d$ is some sufficiently large constant. Thereafter, for some
constant $\alpha$, a subset $I$ of $\alpha n$ vertices is ... more >>>

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