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All reports by Author Carme Alvarez:

TR05-031 | 1st March 2005
Carme Alvarez, Joaquim Gabarro, Maria Serna

Pure Nash equilibria in games with a large number of actions

We study the computational complexity of deciding the existence of a
Pure Nash Equilibrium in multi-player strategic games.
We address two fundamental questions: how can we represent a game?, and
how can we represent a game with polynomial pay-off functions?
Our results show that the computational complexity of
deciding ... more >>>

TR96-039 | 27th June 1996
Carme Alvarez, Raymond Greenlaw

A Compendium of Problems Complete for Symmetric Logarithmic Space

Comments: 2

We provide a compendium of problems that are complete for
symmetric logarithmic space (SL). Complete problems are one method
of studying this class for which programming is nonintuitive. A
number of the problems in the list were not previously known to be
complete. A ... more >>>

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