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All reports by Author Gudmund Skovbjerg Frandsen:

TR05-032 | 16th March 2005
Gudmund Skovbjerg Frandsen, Peter Bro Miltersen

Reviewing Bounds on the Circuit Size of the Hardest Functions

In this paper we review the known bounds for $L(n)$, the circuit size
complexity of the hardest Boolean function on $n$ input bits. The
best known bounds appear to be $$\frac{2^n}{n}(1+\frac{\log
n}{n}-O(\frac{1}{n})) \leq L(n) \leq\frac{2^n}{n}(1+3\frac{\log
n}{n}+O(\frac{1}{n}))$$ However, the bounds do not seem to be
explicitly stated in the literature. We ... more >>>

TR97-009 | 12th March 1997
Jonathan F. Buss, Gudmund Skovbjerg Frandsen, Jeffrey O. Shallit

The Computational Complexity of Some Problems of Linear Algebra

We consider the computational complexity of some problems
dealing with matrix rank. Let E,S be subsets of a
commutative ring R. Let x_1, x_2, ..., x_t be variables.
Given a matrix M = M(x_1, x_2, ..., x_t) with entries
chosen from E union {x_1, x_2, ..., ... more >>>

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