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All reports by Author Günter Hotz:

TR04-006 | 6th January 2004
Günter Hotz

A remark on nondecidabilities of the initial value problem of ODEs

We prove that it is not decidable on R-machines if for a fixed finite intervall [a,b) the solution of the initial value problems of systems of ordinary differetial equations have solutions over this interval. This result holds independly from assumptions about differentiability of the right sides of the ODEs. Futhermore ... more >>>

TR01-004 | 13th October 2000
Tobias Gärtner, Günter Hotz

Recursive analytic functions of a complex variable

We extend the concept of recursive definition on analytic functions. For special cases of linear primitive recursive definitions we show the existence of natural continuations of the over $\N$ primitive recursive functions to analytic functions. Especially, we show that solutions exist if the coefficients of the linear recursive equation are ... more >>>

TR95-025 | 8th May 1995
Günter Hotz, Gero Vierke, Bjoern Schieffer

Analytic Machines

Comments: 1

In this paper the $R$-machines defined by Blum, Shub and Smale
are generalized by allowing infinite convergent computations.
The description of real numbers is infinite.
Therefore, considering arithmetic operations on real numbers should
also imply infinite computations on {\em analytic machines}.
We prove that $\R$-computable functions are $\Q$-analytic.
We show ... more >>>

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