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All reports by Author Bruce Edward Litow:

TR03-036 | 27th April 2003
Bruce Edward Litow

Polynomial equation elimination via Tarski Algebra

The elimination
problem is classical:
implicitly express one of the variables occurring in a finite
system of polynomial equations as an algebraic function of a
designated subset of the remaining variables. Solutions to this
problem by resultants, or more comprehensively by
use of Gr\"{o}bner basis methods are available. In this ... more >>>

TR98-009 | 25th November 1997
Bruce Edward Litow

Parallel complexity of integer coprimality

Comments: 3

It is shown that integer coprimality is in NC.

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TR97-055 | 22nd September 1997
Bruce Edward Litow

A Decision Method for the Rational Sequence Problem

We give a method to decide whether or not an
ordinary finite order linear recurrence with constant, rational
coefficients ever generates zero.

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