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All reports by Author Rustam Mubarakzjanov:

TR01-037 | 21st February 2001
Rustam Mubarakzjanov

Bounded-Width Probabilistic OBDDs and Read-Once Branching Programs are Incomparable

Restricted branching programs are considered by the investigation
of relationships between complexity classes of Boolean functions.
Read-once ordered branching programs (or OBDDs) form the most restricted class
of this computation model.
Since the problem of proving exponential lower bounds on the complexity
for general probabilistic OBDDs is open so ... more >>>

TR00-085 | 19th September 2000
Rustam Mubarakzjanov

Probabilistic OBDDs: on Bound of Width versus Bound of Error

Ordered binary decision diagrams (OBDDs) are well established tools to
represent Boolean functions. There are a lot of results concerning
different types of generalizations of OBDDs. The same time, the power
of the most general form of OBDD, namely probabilistic (without bounded
error) OBDDs, is not studied enough. In ... more >>>

TR99-009 | 26th March 1999
Marek Karpinski, Rustam Mubarakzjanov

A Note on Las Vegas OBDDs

We prove that the error-free (Las Vegas) randomized OBDDs
are computationally equivalent to the deterministic OBDDs.
In contrast, it is known the same is not true for the
Las Vegas read-once branching programs.

more >>>

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