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All reports by Author Phong Nguyen:

TR05-017 | 28th January 2005
Phong Nguyen

Two-Sorted Theories for L, SL, NL and P

We introduce ``minimal'' two--sorted first--order theories VL, VSL, VNL and VP
that characterize the classes L, SL, NL and P in the same
way that Buss's $S^i_2$ hierarchy characterizes the polynomial time hierarchy.
Our theories arise from natural combinatorial problems, namely the st-Connectivity
Problem and the Circuit Value Problem.
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TR98-010 | 22nd January 1998
Phong Nguyen, Jacques Stern

A Converse to the Ajtai-Dwork Security Proof and its Cryptographic Implications

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Recently, Ajtai discovered a fascinating connection
between the worst-case complexity and the average-case
complexity of some well-known lattice problems.
Later, Ajtai and Dwork proposed a cryptosystem inspired
by Ajtai's work, provably secure if a particular lattice
problem is difficult. We show that there is a converse
to the ... more >>>

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