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All reports by Author C.P. Schnorr:

TR98-033 | 12th June 1998
C.P. Schnorr

Security of Allmost ALL Discrete Log Bits

Let G be a finite cyclic group with generator \alpha and with
an encoding so that multiplication is computable in polynomial time. We
study the security of bits of the discrete log x when given \exp_{\alpha}(x),
assuming that the exponentiation function \exp_{\alpha}(x) = \alpha^x is one-way.
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TR96-020 | 6th March 1996
C.P. Schnorr, Carsten Rössner

An Optimal, Stable Continued Fraction Algorithm for Arbitrary Dimension

TR96-019 | 6th March 1996
C.P. Schnorr

Security of 2^t-Root Identification and Signatures

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