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All reports by Author Dorit Dor:

TR97-040 | 17th September 1997
Dorit Dor, Shay Halperin, Uri Zwick

All Pairs Almost Shortest Paths

Let G=(V,E) be an unweighted undirected graph on n vertices. A simple
argument shows that computing all distances in G with an additive
one-sided error of at most 1 is as hard as Boolean matrix
multiplication. Building on recent work of Aingworth, Chekuri and
Motwani, we describe an \tilde{O}(min{n^{3/2}m^{1/2},n^{7/3}) time
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TR95-031 | 25th June 1995
Dorit Dor, Uri Zwick

Selecting the median

Improving a long standing result of Sch\"{o}nhage, Paterson
and Pippenger we show that the MEDIAN of a set containing n
elements can always be found using at most 2.95n comparisons.

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