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All reports by Author Pierluigi Crescenzi:

TR97-039 | 11th September 1997
Pierluigi Crescenzi, Luca Trevisan

MAX NP-Completeness Made Easy

We introduce a simple technique to obtain reductions
between optimization constraint satisfaction problems. The
technique uses the probabilistic method to reduce the size of
disjunctions. As a first application, we prove the
MAX NP-completeness of MAX 3SAT without using the PCP theorem
(thus solving an open ... more >>>

TR96-066 | 21st November 1996
Pierluigi Crescenzi, Viggo Kann, Riccardo Silvestri, Luca Trevisan

Structure in Approximation Classes

The study of the approximability properties of NP-hard
optimization problems has recently made great advances mainly due
to the results obtained in the field of proof checking. In a
recent breakthrough the APX-completeness of several important
optimization problems is proved, thus reconciling `two distinct
views of ... more >>>

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