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All reports by Author Yosi Ben-Asher:

TR96-053 | 6th August 1996
Yosi Ben-Asher, Ilan Newman

Geometric Approach for Optimal Routing on Mesh with Buses

Revisions: 1

The architecture of 'mesh of buses' is an important model in parallel computing. Its main advantage is that the additional broadcast capability can be used to overcome the main disadvantage of the mesh, namely its relatively large diameter. We show that the addition of buses indeed accelerates routing times. Furthermore, ... more >>>

TR96-044 | 6th August 1996
Yosi Ben-Asher, Ilan Newman

Optimal Search in Trees

Revisions: 1

It is well known that the optimal solution for
searching in
a finite total order set is the binary search.
In the binary search we
divide the set into two ``halves'', by querying the middle
element, and continue the search on the suitable half.
What is the equivalent of binary ... more >>>

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