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All reports by Author Weiqiang Yuan:

TR22-015 | 12th February 2022
Mika Göös, Stefan Kiefer, Weiqiang Yuan

Lower Bounds for Unambiguous Automata via Communication Complexity

We use results from communication complexity, both new and old ones, to prove lower bounds for unambiguous finite automata (UFAs). We show three results.

$\textbf{Complement:}$ There is a language $L$ recognised by an $n$-state UFA such that the complement language $\overline{L}$ requires NFAs with $n^{\tilde{\Omega}(\log n)}$ states. This improves on ... more >>>

TR20-155 | 18th October 2020
Alexander Knop, Shachar Lovett, Sam McGuire, Weiqiang Yuan

Log-rank and lifting for AND-functions

Revisions: 1

Let $f: \{0,1\}^n \to \{0, 1\}$ be a boolean function, and let $f_\land (x, y) = f(x \land y)$ denote the AND-function of $f$, where $x \land y$ denotes bit-wise AND. We study the deterministic communication complexity of $f_\land$ and show that, up to a $\log n$ factor, it is ... more >>>

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