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All reports by Author Ben Davis:

TR23-068 | 10th May 2023
Ben Davis, Robert Robere

Colourful TFNP and Propositional Proofs

Revisions: 1

Recent work has shown that many of the standard TFNP classes — such as PLS, PPADS, PPAD, SOPL, and EOPL — have corresponding proof systems in propositional proof complexity, in the sense that a total search problem is in the class if and only if the totality of the problem ... more >>>

TR21-123 | 25th August 2021
Ben Davis, Hamed Hatami, William Pires, Ran Tao, Hamza Usmani

On public-coin zero-error randomized communication complexity

Revisions: 2

We prove that for every Boolean function, the public-coin zero-error randomized communication complexity and the deterministic communication complexity are polynomially equivalent.

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