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All reports by Author Oren Renard:

TR23-211 | 23rd December 2023
Rafael Pass, Oren Renard

Characterizing the Power of (Persistent) Randomness in Log-space

We study the problem of whether \emph{persistent} randomness is helpful for polynomial-time algorithms that only use \emph{logarithmic} space. In more detail, we consider the class $\searchBPLs$, of \emph{search}-problems that are solvable by a polynomial-time Probabilistic Logspace TMs with \emph{2-way} access (i.e., with multiple, as opposed to one-time, access) to a ... more >>>

TR21-020 | 15th February 2021
Gil Cohen, Dean Doron, Oren Renard, Ori Sberlo, Amnon Ta-Shma

Error Reduction For Weighted PRGs Against Read Once Branching Programs

Weighted pseudorandom generators (WPRGs), introduced by Braverman, Cohen and Garg [BCG20], is a generalization of pseudorandom generators (PRGs) in which arbitrary real weights are considered rather than a probability mass. Braverman et al. constructed WPRGs against read once branching programs (ROBPs) with near-optimal dependence on the error parameter. Chattopadhyay and ... more >>>

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