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All reports by Author Mario Szegedy:

TR15-102 | 22nd June 2015
Mario Szegedy

An $O(n^{0.4732})$ upper bound on the complexity of the GKS communication game

We give an $5\cdot n^{\log_{30}5}$ upper bund on the complexity of the communication game introduced by G. Gilmer, M. Kouck\'y and M. Saks \cite{saks} to study the Sensitivity Conjecture \cite{linial}, improving on their
$\sqrt{999\over 1000}\sqrt{n}$ bound. We also determine the exact complexity of the game up to $n\le 9$.
more >>>

TR09-059 | 2nd July 2009
Gábor Kun, Mario Szegedy


The well known dichotomy conjecture of Feder and
Vardi states that for every finite family Γ of constraints CSP(Γ) is
either polynomially solvable or NP-hard. Bulatov and Jeavons re-
formulated this conjecture in terms of the properties of the algebra
P ol(Γ), where the latter is ... more >>>

TR06-117 | 31st August 2006
Arkadev Chattopadhyay, Michal Koucky, Andreas Krebs, Mario Szegedy, Pascal Tesson, Denis Thérien

Languages with Bounded Multiparty Communication Complexity

We study languages with bounded communication complexity in the multiparty "input on the forehead" model with worst-case partition. In the two party case, it is known that such languages are exactly those that are recognized by programs over commutative monoids. This can be used to show that these languages can ... more >>>

TR05-001 | 1st January 2005
Mario Szegedy

Near optimality of the priority sampling procedure

Based on experimental results N. Duffield, C. Lund and M. Thorup \cite{dlt2} conjectured
that the variance of their highly successful priority sampling procedure
is not larger than the variance of the threshold sampling procedure with sample size one smaller.
The conjecture's significance is that the latter procedure is provably optimal ... more >>>

TR98-008 | 15th January 1998
Sanjeev Arora, Carsten Lund, Rajeev Motwani, Madhu Sudan, Mario Szegedy

Proof verification and the hardness of approximation problems.

We show that every language in NP has a probablistic verifier
that checks membership proofs for it using
logarithmic number of random bits and by examining a
<em> constant </em> number of bits in the proof.
If a string is in the language, then there exists a proof ... more >>>

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