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All reports by Author Claus-Peter Schnorr:

TR11-050 | 11th April 2011
Claus-Peter Schnorr

Accelerated Slide- and LLL-Reduction

Revisions: 7

Given an LLL-basis $B$ of dimension $n= hk$ we accelerate slide-reduction with blocksize $k$ to run under a reasonable assjmption in \
$\frac1{6} \, n^2 h \,\log_{1+\varepsilon} \, \alpha $ \
local SVP-computations in dimension $k$, where $\alpha \ge \frac 43$
measures the quality of the ... more >>>

TR95-026 | 7th June 1995
Claus-Peter Schnorr, Horst Helmut Hoerner

Attacking the Chor-Rivest Cryptosystem by Improved Lattice Reduction

We introduce new algorithms for lattice basis reduction that are
improvements of the LLL-algorithm. We demonstrate the power of
these algorithms by solving random subset sum problems of
arbitrary density with 74 and 82 many weights, by breaking the
Chor-Rivest cryptoscheme in dimensions 103 and 151 ... more >>>

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