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All reports by Author Shai Halevi:

TR97-018 | 8th May 1997
Oded Goldreich, Shai Halevi

Eliminating Decryption Errors in the Ajtai-Dwork Cryptosystem.

Following Ajtai's lead, Ajtai and Dwork have recently introduced a
public-key encryption scheme which is secure under the assumption
that a certain computational problem on lattices is hard on the
worst-case. Their encryption method may cause decryption errors,
though with small probability (i.e., inversely proportional to the
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TR96-056 | 12th November 1996
Oded Goldreich, Shai Halevi

Public-Key Cryptosystems from Lattice Reduction Problems

We present a new proposal for a trapdoor one-way function,
from which we derive public-key encryption and digital
signatures. The security of the new construction is based
on the conjectured computational difficulty of lattice-reduction
problems, providing a possible alternative to existing
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TR96-042 | 26th July 1996
Oded Goldreich, Shai Halevi

Collision-Free Hashing from Lattice Problems

Recently Ajtai described a construction of one-way functions whose
security is equivalent to the difficulty of some well known approximation
problems in lattices. We show that essentially the same
construction can also be used to obtain collision-free hashing.

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