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All reports by Author Gábor Braun:

TR13-158 | 18th November 2013
Gábor Braun, Rahul Jain, Troy Lee, Sebastian Pokutta

Information-theoretic approximations of the nonnegative rank

Revisions: 3

Common information was introduced by Wyner as a measure of dependence of two
random variables. This measure has been recently resurrected as a lower bound on the logarithm of the nonnegative rank of a nonnegative matrix. Lower bounds on nonnegative rank have important applications to several areas such
as communication ... more >>>

TR13-056 | 30th March 2013
Gábor Braun, Sebastian Pokutta

Common information and unique disjointness

Revisions: 5

We provide a new framework for establishing strong lower bounds on the nonnega- tive rank of matrices by means of common information, a notion previously introduced in Wyner [1975]. Common information is a natural lower bound for the nonnegative rank of a matrix and by combining it with Hellinger distance ... more >>>

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