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All reports by Author Christina Brzuska:

TR15-061 | 14th April 2015
Benny Applebaum, Jonathan Avron, Christina Brzuska

Arithmetic Cryptography

Revisions: 1

We study the possibility of computing cryptographic primitives in a fully-black-box arithmetic model over a finite field F. In this model, the input to a cryptographic primitive (e.g., encryption scheme) is given as a sequence of field elements, the honest parties are implemented by arithmetic circuits which make only a ... more >>>

TR14-108 | 10th August 2014
Andrej Bogdanov, Christina Brzuska

On Basing Size-Verifiable One-Way Functions on NP-Hardness

Revisions: 1

We prove that if the hardness of inverting a size-verifiable one-way function can
be based on NP-hardness via a general (adaptive) reduction, then coAM is contained in NP. This
claim was made by Akavia, Goldreich, Goldwasser, and Moshkovitz (STOC 2006), but
was later retracted (STOC 2010).

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