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All reports by Author Hong Van Le:

TR14-140 | 31st October 2014
Hong Van Le

Constructing elusive functions with help of evaluation mappings

We develop a method to construct elusive functions using techniques of commutative algebra and algebraic geometry. The key notions of this method are elusive subsets and evaluation mappings. We also develop the effective elimination theory combined with algebraic number field theory in order to construct concrete points outside the image ... more >>>

TR14-139 | 31st October 2014
Hong Van Le

Lower bounds for the circuit size of partially homogeneous polynomials

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In this paper
we associate to each multivariate polynomial $f$ that is homogeneous relative to a subset of its variables a series of polynomial families $P_\lambda (f)$ of $m$-tuples of homogeneous polynomials of equal degree such that the circuit size of any member in $P_\lambda (f)$ is bounded from above ... more >>>

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