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Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity

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All reports by Author Debajyoti Bera:

TR14-151 | 13th November 2014
Debajyoti Bera

Quantum One-Sided Exact Error Algorithms

Revisions: 2

We define a complexity class for randomized algorithms with one-sided error that is exactly equal to a constant (unlike the usual definitions, in which the error is only bounded above or below by a constant). We show that the corresponding quantum classes (one each for a different error probability) are ... more >>>

TR08-078 | 15th April 2008
Debajyoti Bera, Stephen A. Fenner, Frederic Green, Steve Homer

Universal Quantum Circuits

Abstract:We define and construct efficient depth-universal and almost-size-universal quantum circuits. Such circuits can be viewed as general-purpose simulators for central classes of quantum circuits and can be used to capture the computational power of the circuit class being simulated. For depth we construct universal circuits whose depth is the same ... more >>>

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