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Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity

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All reports by Author Ronald de Haan:

TR15-130 | 11th August 2015
Ronald de Haan

An Overview of Non-Uniform Parameterized Complexity

We consider several non-uniform variants of parameterized complexity classes that have been considered in the literature. We do so in a homogenous notation, allowing a clear comparison of the various variants. Additionally, we consider some novel (non-uniform) parameterized complexity classes that come up in the framework of parameterized knowledge compilation. ... more >>>

TR14-143 | 3rd November 2014
Ronald de Haan, Stefan Szeider

Compendium of Parameterized Problems at Higher Levels of the Polynomial Hierarchy

We present a list of parameterized problems together with a complexity classification of whether they allow a fixed-parameter tractable reduction to SAT or not. These parameterized problems are based on problems whose complexity lies at the second level of the Polynomial Hierarchy or higher. The list will be updated as ... more >>>

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