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All reports by Author Bo Tang:

TR16-065 | 18th April 2016
Xi Chen, Yu Cheng, Bo Tang

A Note on Teaching for VC Classes

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In this note, we study the recursive teaching dimension(RTD) of concept classes of low VC-dimension. Recall that the VC-dimension of $C \subseteq \{0,1\}^n$, denoted by $VCD(C)$, is the maximum size of a shattered subset of $[n]$, where $Y\subseteq [n]$ is shattered if for every binary string $\vec{b}$ of length $|Y|$, ... more >>>

TR15-180 | 4th November 2015
Bo Tang, Jiapeng Zhang

Barriers to Black-Box Constructions of Traitor Tracing Systems

Reducibility between different cryptographic primitives is a fundamental problem in modern cryptography. As one of the primitives, traitor tracing systems help content distributors recover the identities of users that collaborated in the pirate construction by tracing pirate decryption boxes. We present the first negative result on designing efficient traitor tracing ... more >>>

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