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All reports by Author Anuj Tawari:

TR18-146 | 18th August 2018
Meena Mahajan, Prajakta Nimbhorkar, Anuj Tawari

Shortest path length with bounded-alternation $(\min, +)$ formulas

We study bounded depth $(\min, +)$ formulas computing the shortest path polynomial. For depth $2d$ with $d \geq 2$, we obtain lower bounds parametrized by certain fan-in restrictions on all $+$ gates except those at the bottom level. For depth $4$, in two regimes of the parameter, the bounds are ... more >>>

TR18-020 | 30th January 2018
Meena Mahajan, Prajakta Nimbhorkar, Anuj Tawari

Computing the maximum using $(\min, +)$ formulas

Comments: 1

We study computation by formulas over $(min, +)$. We consider the computation of $\max\{x_1,\ldots,x_n\}$
over $\mathbb{N}$ as a difference of $(\min, +)$ formulas, and show that size $n + n \log n$ is sufficient and necessary. Our proof also shows that any $(\min, +)$ formula computing the minimum of all ... more >>>

TR15-204 | 14th December 2015
Meena Mahajan, Anuj Tawari

Sums of read-once formulas: How many summands suffice?

Revisions: 2

An arithmetic read-once formula (ROF) is a formula (circuit of fan-out
1) over
$+, \times$ where each variable labels at most one leaf.
Every multilinear polynomial can be expressed as the sum of ROFs.
In this work, we prove, for certain multilinear polynomials,
a tight lower bound ... more >>>

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