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Reports tagged with Trapdoor functions:
TR07-080 | 7th August 2007
Chris Peikert, Brent Waters

Lossy Trapdoor Functions and Their Applications

We propose a new general primitive called lossy trapdoor
functions (lossy TDFs), and realize it under a variety of different
number theoretic assumptions, including hardness of the decisional
Diffie-Hellman (DDH) problem and the worst-case hardness of
standard lattice problems.

Using lossy TDFs, we develop a new approach for constructing ... more >>>

TR07-133 | 20th November 2007
Craig Gentry, Chris Peikert, Vinod Vaikuntanathan

Trapdoors for Hard Lattices and New Cryptographic Constructions

We show how to construct a variety of ``trapdoor'' cryptographic tools
assuming the worst-case hardness of standard lattice problems (such as
approximating the shortest nonzero vector to within small factors).
The applications include trapdoor functions with \emph{preimage
sampling}, simple and efficient ``hash-and-sign'' digital signature
schemes, universally composable oblivious transfer, ... more >>>

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