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Reports tagged with market equilibria:
TR05-055 | 19th May 2005
Bruno Codenotti, Amin Saberi, Kasturi Varadarajan, Yinyu Ye

Leontief Economies Encode Nonzero Sum Two-Player Games

We give a reduction from any two-player game to a special case of
the Leontief exchange economy, with the property that the Nash equilibria of the game and the
equilibria of the market are in one-to-one correspondence.

Our reduction exposes a potential hurdle inherent in solving certain
families of market ... more >>>

TR07-017 | 18th January 2007
Ashish Rastogi, Richard Cole

Indivisible Markets with Good Approximate EquilibriumPrices

Revisions: 1

This paper considers the tradeoff between divisibility and the hardness of approximating
equilibrium prices. Tight bounds are obtained for smooth Fisher markets that obey a relaxed
weak gross substitutes property (WGS). A smooth market is one in which small changes in
prices cause only proportionately small changes ... more >>>

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