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Reports tagged with expansion:
TR00-020 | 27th March 2000
Oded Goldreich, Dana Ron

On Testing Expansion in Bounded-Degree Graphs

We consider testing graph expansion in the bounded-degree graph model.
Specifically, we refer to algorithms for testing whether the graph
has a second eigenvalue bounded above by a given threshold
or is far from any graph with such (or related) property.

We present a natural algorithm aimed ... more >>>

TR05-112 | 12th September 2005
Eran Ofek

On the expansion of the giant component in percolated $(n,d,\lambda)$ graphs

Revisions: 1

Let $d \geq d_0$ be a sufficiently large constant. A $(n,d,c
\sqrt{d})$ graph $G$ is a $d$ regular graph over $n$ vertices whose
second largest eigenvalue (in absolute value) is at most $c
\sqrt{d}$. For any $0 < p < 1, ~G_p$ is the graph induced by
retaining each edge ... more >>>

TR18-078 | 23rd April 2018
Subhash Khot, Dor Minzer, Dana Moshkovitz, Muli Safra

Small Set Expansion in The Johnson Graph

This paper studies expansion properties of the (generalized) Johnson Graph. For natural numbers
t < l < k, the nodes of the graph are sets of size l in a universe of size k. Two sets are connected if
their intersection is of size t. The Johnson graph arises often ... more >>>

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