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Reports tagged with bare public-key model:
TR05-048 | 11th April 2005
Moti Yung, Yunlei Zhao

Constant-Round Concurrently-Secure rZK in the (Real) Bare Public-Key Model

Revisions: 3

We present constant-round concurrently secure (sound) resettable
zero-knowledge (rZK-CS) arguments in the bare public-key (BPK)
model. Our constructions deal with general NP ZK-arguments as well
as with highly efficient ZK-arguments for number-theoretic
languages, most relevant to identification scenarios. These are the
first constant-round protocols of ... more >>>

TR06-095 | 25th July 2006
Rafail Ostrovsky, Giuseppe Persiano, Ivan Visconti

Concurrent Non-Malleable Witness Indistinguishability and its Applications

Revisions: 1

One of the central questions in Cryptography today is proving security of the protocols ``on the Internet'', i.e., in a concurrent setting where there are multiple interactions between players, and where the adversary can play so called ``man-in-the-middle'' attacks, forwarding and modifying messages between two or more unsuspecting players. Indeed, ... more >>>

TR07-002 | 8th November 2006
Moti Yung, Yunlei Zhao

Concurrent Knowledge-Extraction in the Public-Key Model

Comments: 2

Knowledge extraction is a fundamental notion, modeling knowledge possession in a computational complexity sense. The notion provides a tool for cryptographic protocol design and analysis, enabling one to argue about the internal state of protocol players. We define and
investigate the relative power of the notion of ``concurrent knowledge-extraction'' ... more >>>

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