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Reports tagged with Networks:
TR95-003 | 1st January 1995
Marek Karpinski, Alexander Zelikovsky

1.757 and 1.267-Approximation Algorithms for the Network and and Rectilinear Steiner Tree Problems

The Steiner tree problem requires to find a shortest tree connection
a given set of terminal points in a metric space. We suggest a better
and fast heuristic for the Steiner problem in graphs and in
rectilinear plane. This heuristic finds a Steiner tree at ... more >>>

TR00-011 | 27th January 2000
Sotiris Nikoletseas, Paul Spirakis

Efficient Communication Establishment in Extremely Unreliable Large Networks

We consider here a large network of $n$ nodes which supports
only the following unreliable basic communication primitive:
when a node requests communication then this request
{\em may fail}, independently of other requests, with probability
$f<1$. Even if it succeeds, the request is answered by returning
a stable link to ... more >>>

TR10-016 | 22nd December 2009
Alexander Fanghänel, Sascha Geulen, Martin Hoefer, Berthold Vöcking

Online Capacity Maximization in Wireless Networks

In this paper we study a dynamic version of capacity maximization in the physical model of wireless communication. In our model, requests for connections between pairs of points in Euclidean space of constant dimension $d$ arrive iteratively over time. When a new request arrives, an online algorithm needs to decide ... more >>>

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