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Reports tagged with Linear Programs:
TR01-100 | 14th December 2001
Noga Alon, Wenceslas Fernandez de la Vega, Ravi Kannan, Marek Karpinski

Random Sampling and Approximation of MAX-CSP Problems

We present a new efficient sampling method for approximating
r-dimensional Maximum Constraint Satisfaction Problems, MAX-rCSP, on
n variables up to an additive error \epsilon n^r.We prove a new
general paradigm in that it suffices, for a given set of constraints,
to pick a small uniformly random ... more >>>

TR06-104 | 25th August 2006
Wenceslas Fernandez de la Vega, Marek Karpinski

On the Sample Complexity of MAX-CUT

We give a simple proof for the sample complexity bound $O~(1/\epsilon^4)$ of absolute approximation of MAX-CUT. The proof depends on a new analysis method for linear programs (LPs) underlying MAX-CUT which could be also of independent interest.

more >>>

TR06-124 | 25th September 2006
Wenceslas Fernandez de la Vega, Ravi Kannan, Marek Karpinski

Approximation of Global MAX-CSP Problems

We study the problem of absolute approximability of MAX-CSP problems with the global constraints. We prove existence of an efficient sampling method for the MAX-CSP class of problems with linear global constraints and bounded feasibility gap. It gives for the first time a polynomial in epsilon^-1 sample complexity bound for ... more >>>

TR13-017 | 23rd January 2013
Pratik Worah

A Short Excursion into Semi-Algebraic Hierarchies

This brief survey gives a (roughly) self-contained overview of some complexity theoretic results about semi-algebraic proof systems and related hierarchies and the strong connections between them. The article is not intended to be a detailed survey on "Lift and Project" type optimization hierarchies (cf. Chlamtac and Tulsiani) or related proof ... more >>>

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