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Reports tagged with Random Sampling:
TR02-031 | 30th April 2002
Vikraman Arvind, Venkatesh Raman

Approximate Counting small subgraphs of bounded treewidth and related problems

Revisions: 1

We give a randomized approximation algorithm taking
$O(k^{O(k)}n^{b+O(1)})$ time to count the number of copies of a
$k$-vertex graph with treewidth at most $b$ in an $n$ vertex graph
$G$ with approximation ratio $1/k^{O(k)}$ and error probability
inverse exponential in $n$. This algorithm is based on ... more >>>

TR06-155 | 15th December 2006
Wenceslas Fernandez de la Vega, Marek Karpinski

Trading Tensors for Cloning: Constant Time Approximation Schemes for Metric MAX-CSP

Revisions: 1

We construct the first constant time value approximation schemes (CTASs) for Metric and Quasi-Metric MAX-rCSP problems for any $r \ge 2$ in a preprocessed metric model of computation, improving over the previous results of [FKKV05] proven for the general core-dense MAX-rCSP problems. They entail also the first sublinear approximation schemes ... more >>>

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