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Reports tagged with public-key cryptosystems:
TR96-056 | 12th November 1996
Oded Goldreich, Shai Halevi

Public-Key Cryptosystems from Lattice Reduction Problems

We present a new proposal for a trapdoor one-way function,
from which we derive public-key encryption and digital
signatures. The security of the new construction is based
on the conjectured computational difficulty of lattice-reduction
problems, providing a possible alternative to existing
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TR06-046 | 1st April 2006
Dima Grigoriev, Edward Hirsch, Konstantin Pervyshev

A Complete Public-Key Cryptosystem

Comments: 1

We present a cryptosystem which is complete for the class of probabilistic public-key cryptosystems with bounded error. Besides traditional encryption schemes such as RSA and El Gamal, this class contains probabilistic encryption of Goldwasser-Micali as well as Ajtai-Dwork and NTRU cryptosystems. The latter two are known to make errors with ... more >>>

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