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Reports tagged with greedy algorithms:
TR05-120 | 14th October 2005
Sashka Davis, Russell Impagliazzo

Models of Greedy Algorithms for Graph Problems

Borodin, Nielsen, and Rackoff gave a model of greedy-like algorithms for scheduling problems and Angelopoulos and Borodin extended their work to facility location and set cover problems. We generalize their notion to include other optimization problems, and apply the generalized framework to graph problems. Our goal is to define an ... more >>>

TR06-065 | 24th May 2006
Jan Arpe, RĂ¼diger Reischuk

When Does Greedy Learning of Relevant Features Succeed? --- A Fourier-based Characterization ---

Detecting the relevant attributes of an unknown target concept
is an important and well studied problem in algorithmic learning.
Simple greedy strategies have been proposed that seem to perform reasonably
well in practice if a sufficiently large random subset of examples of the target
concept is provided.

Introducing a ... more >>>

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