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Reports tagged with black-box simulation:
TR01-091 | 27th November 2001
Oded Goldreich

Concurrent Zero-Knowledge With Timing, Revisited

Following Dwork, Naor, and Sahai (30th STOC, 1998),
we consider concurrent execution of protocols in a
semi-synchronized network. Specifically, we assume that each party
holds a local clock such that a constant bound on the relative rates
of these clocks is a-priori known, and consider protocols that
employ ... more >>>

TR02-026 | 7th April 2002
Boaz Barak, Yehuda Lindell

Strict Polynomial-time in Simulation and Extraction

Revisions: 2

The notion of efficient computation is usually identified in cryptography and complexity with probabilistic polynomial time. However, until recently, in order to obtain \emph{constant-round} zero-knowledge proofs and proofs of knowledge, one had to allow simulators and knowledge-extractors to run in time which is only polynomial {\em on the average} (i.e., ... more >>>

TR06-099 | 17th August 2006
Oded Goldreich

On Expected Probabilistic Polynomial-Time Adversaries -- A suggestion for restricted definitions and their benefits

Revisions: 1

This paper concerns the possibility of developing a coherent
theory of security when feasibility is associated
with expected probabilistic polynomial-time (expected PPT).
The source of difficulty is that
the known definitions of expected PPT strategies
(i.e., expected PPT interactive machines)
do not support natural results of the ... more >>>

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