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Reports tagged with OBDD size:
TR96-010 | 9th February 1996
Christoph Meinel, Anna Slobodova

An Adequate Reducibility Concept for Problems Defined in Terms of Ordered Binary Decision Diagrams

Revisions: 1

Reducibility concepts are fundamental in complexity theory.
Usually, they are defined as follows: A problem P is reducible
to a problem S if P can be computed using a program or device
for S as a subroutine. However, in the case of such restricted
models as ... more >>>

TR21-107 | 20th July 2021
igor razgon

Classification of OBDD size for monotone 2-CNFs

We introduce a new graph parameter called linear upper maximum induced
matching width \textsc{lu-mim width}, denoted for a graph $G$ by $lu(G)$.
We prove that the smallest size of the \textsc{obdd} for $\varphi$,
the monotone 2-\textsc{cnf} corresponding to $G$, is sandwiched
between $2^{lu(G)}$ and $n^{O(lu(G))}$.
The upper bound ... more >>>

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