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Reports tagged with Discrete Logarithm Problem:
TR99-042 | 24th October 1999
Ran Canetti, Oded Goldreich, Silvio Micali.

Resettable Zero-Knowledge.

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We introduce the notion of Resettable Zero-Knowledge (rZK),
a new security measure for cryptographic protocols
which strengthens the classical notion of zero-knowledge.
In essence, an rZK protocol is one that remains zero knowledge
even if an adeversary can interact with the prover many times, each
time ... more >>>

TR09-062 | 28th July 2009
Daniele Venturi

Lecture Notes on Algorithmic Number Theory

The principal aim of this notes is to give a survey on the state of the art of algorithmic number theory, with particular focus on the theory of elliptic curves.
Computational security is the goal of modern cryptographic constructions: the security of modern criptographic schemes stems from the assumption ... more >>>

TR16-108 | 16th July 2016
Michael Rudow

Discrete Logarithm and Minimum Circuit Size

This paper shows that the Discrete Logarithm Problem is in ZPP^(MCSP) (where MCSP is the Minimum Circuit Size Problem). This result improves the previous bound that the Discrete Logarithm Problem is in BPP^(MCSP) Allender et al. (2006). In doing so, this paper helps classify the relative difficulty of the Minimum ... more >>>

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