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Reports tagged with graph labelling:
TR98-003 | 3rd November 1997
I. Cahit, M. Tezer

Irregular Assignments of the Forest of Paths

An irregular assignement of $G$ is labelling $f: E \ra
\{1,2,...,m\}$ of the
edge-set of $G$ such that all of the induced vertex labels computed as
$\sigma_{v\in e}f(e)$ are distinct. The minimal number $m$ for which this
is possible is called the minimal irregularity strength $s_{m}(G)$ of $G$.
The ... more >>>

TR21-114 | 29th July 2021
Henning Fernau, Kshitij Gajjar

The Space Complexity of Sum Labelling

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A graph is called a sum graph if its vertices can be labelled by distinct positive integers such that there is an edge between two vertices if and only if the sum of their labels is the label of another vertex of the graph. Most papers on sum graphs consider ... more >>>

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