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Reports tagged with Polynomial Representations:
TR98-054 | 26th August 1998
Igor E. Shparlinski

On Polynomial Representations of Boolean Functions Related to Some Number Theoretic Problems

Lower bounds are obtained on the degree and the number of monomials of
Boolean functions, considered as a polynomial over $GF(2)$,
which decide if a given $r$-bit integer is square-free.
Similar lower bounds are also obtained for polynomials
over the reals which provide a threshold representation
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TR18-149 | 25th August 2018
Craig Gentry, Charanjit Jutla

Obfuscation using Tensor Products

We describe obfuscation schemes for matrix-product branching programs that are purely algebraic and employ matrix algebra and tensor algebra over a finite field. In contrast to the obfuscation schemes of Garg et al (SICOM 2016) which were based on multilinear maps, these schemes do not use noisy encodings. We prove ... more >>>

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