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Reports tagged with Quantum Algorithm:
TR08-086 | 9th July 2008
Vikraman Arvind, Partha Mukhopadhyay

Quantum Query Complexity of Multilinear Identity Testing

Motivated by the quantum algorithm in \cite{MN05} for testing
commutativity of black-box groups, we study the following problem:
Given a black-box finite ring $R=\angle{r_1,\cdots,r_k}$ where
$\{r_1,r_2,\cdots,r_k\}$ is an additive generating set for $R$ and a
multilinear polynomial $f(x_1,\cdots,x_m)$ over $R$ also accessed as
a ... more >>>

TR10-121 | 28th July 2010
Ashwin Nayak

Inverting a permutation is as hard as unordered search

Revisions: 1

We describe a reduction from the problem of unordered search(with a unique solution) to the problem of inverting a permutation. Since there is a straightforward reduction in the reverse direction, the problems are essentially equivalent.

The reduction helps us bypass the Bennett-Bernstein-Brassard-Vazirani hybrid argument (1997} and the Ambainis quantum adversary ... more >>>

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