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Reports tagged with Subset Sum:
TR05-007 | 15th December 2004
Vadim Lyubashevsky

On Random High Density Subset Sums

In the Subset Sum problem, we are given n integers a_1,...,a_n
and a target number t, and are asked to find the subset of the
a_i's such that the sum is t. A version of the subset sum
problem is the Random Modular Subset Sum problem. In this version,
the ... more >>>

TR14-180 | 22nd December 2014
Anna Gal, Jing-Tang Jang, Nutan Limaye, Meena Mahajan, Karteek Sreenivasaiah

Space-Efficient Approximations for Subset Sum

SUBSET SUM is a well known NP-complete problem:
given $t \in Z^{+}$ and a set $S$ of $m$ positive integers, output YES if and only if there is a subset $S^\prime \subseteq S$ such that the sum of all numbers in $S^\prime$ equals $t$. The problem and its search ... more >>>

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