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Reports tagged with advice classes:
TR04-014 | 26th November 2003
Chris Pollett

Languages to diagonalize against advice classes

Variants of Kannan's Theorem are given where the circuits of
the original theorem are replaced by arbitrary recursively presentable
classes of languages that use advice strings and satisfy certain mild
conditions. These variants imply that $\DTIME(n^{k'})^{\NE}/n^k$
does not contain $\PTIME^{\NE}$, $\DTIME(2^{n^{k'}})/n^k$ does
not contain $\EXP$, $\SPACE(n^{k'})/n^k$ does not ... more >>>

TR23-015 | 20th February 2023
Scott Aaronson, Harry Buhrman, William Kretschmer

A Qubit, a Coin, and an Advice String Walk Into a Relational Problem

Revisions: 1

Relational problems (those with many possible valid outputs) are different from decision problems, but it is easy to forget just how different. This paper initiates the study of FBQP/qpoly, the class of relational problems solvable in quantum polynomial-time with the help of polynomial-sized quantum advice, along with its analogues for ... more >>>

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