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Reports tagged with Huffman Codes:
TR02-018 | 22nd March 2002
Piotr Berman, Marek Karpinski, Yakov Nekrich

Approximating Huffman Codes in Parallel

In this paper we present some new results on the approximate parallel
construction of Huffman codes. Our algorithm achieves linear work
and logarithmic time, provided that the initial set of elements
is sorted. This is the first parallel algorithm for that problem
with the optimal time and ... more >>>

TR02-029 | 3rd June 2002
Marek Karpinski, Yakov Nekrich

Parallel Construction of Minimum Redundancy Length-Limited Codes

This paper presents new results on parallel constructions of the
length-limited prefix-free codes with the minimum redundancy.
We describe an algorithm for the construction of length-limited codes
that works in $O(L)$ time with $n$ processors for $L$ the
maximal codeword length.
We also describe an algorithm for a construction ... more >>>

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