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Reports tagged with Toda:
TR09-140 | 18th December 2009
Saugata Basu

A complex analogue of Toda's Theorem

Revisions: 1

Toda \cite{Toda} proved in 1989 that the (discrete) polynomial time hierarchy,
is contained in the class $\mathbf{P}^{\#\mathbf{P}}$,
namely the class of languages that can be
decided by a Turing machine in polynomial time given access to an
oracle with the power to compute a function in the ... more >>>

TR10-086 | 17th May 2010
Henning Wunderlich

On a Theorem of Razborov

In an unpublished Russian manuscript Razborov proved that a matrix family with high
rigidity over a finite field would yield a language outside the polynomial hierarchy
in communication complexity.

We present an alternative proof that strengthens the original result in several ways.
In particular, we replace rigidity by the strictly ... more >>>

TR14-050 | 21st March 2014
Edward Hirsch, Dmitry Sokolov

On the probabilistic closure of the loose unambiguous hierarchy

Revisions: 1

Unambiguous hierarchies [NR93,LR94,NR98] are defined similarly to the polynomial hierarchy; however, all witnesses must be unique. These hierarchies have subtle differences in the mode of using oracles. We consider a "loose" unambiguous hierarchy $prUH_\bullet$ with relaxed definition of oracle access to promise problems. Namely, we allow to make queries that ... more >>>

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